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Tag the one thing that you can not afford to lose!


Tag your favorite earpods, tablet, phone, or accessory.


Tag your tools. Don't leave them in your customer's property.


Tag that cutie in case it decides to run.


For your pet or keychain.


For that important document. Passport, or favorite notebook with important notes!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions.

tikz is an electronic tag option that allows you to stick tikz barcode labels to items that you could potentially lose. it allows other people to scan and contact you (without giving out your information) so they can return it to you.
Download our app from the Google or Apple stores or check your phone's manufacturing instructions to scan qr code with your camera. May require to zoom in to capture the qr code.
You can stick them to any of your belongings that you could potentially lose. Some ideas include, laptops, phones, cases, chargers, toys etc.
There is no guarantee that the person will return your item. However, if the person would like to return it and that person does not have a way to contact you, there is no change of getting it back. tikz tags will increase your chances!
You can order them from our Online Store.
Download our app from the Apple or Google stores or some phones will automatically scan when you point the phone camera to it. You will see a link to our site which you can click to navigate. Check with your phone manufacturer to determine how to scan a qr code.